Working Through Supply Chain Challenges in HVAC Industry

Customer Intro

L. A. King Co. is a supplier of stainless steel sheets, pipes, elbows, and fittings to a high-volume commercial sheet metal fabricator in central Oklahoma.


The Problem

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the supply chain for HVAC materials faced significant disruptions, leading to extended lead times. This affected one of our sheet metal fabricator customers, which relied on a steady flow of materials to sustain its business.


The Solution

Jeff, the purchasing manager for this sheet metal shop customer, reached out to L. A. King to discuss the challenges and potential solutions. L. A. King’s team, led by the Oklahoma City and Tulsa branch managers, went to work to identify alternative supply sources, negotiate advance purchase agreements, and risk overbuying to avoid stockouts.


The Results

Despite the challenges, L. A. King’s efforts helped our sheet metal fabricator customer avoid worst-case scenarios and continue its operations. The supply shortages began to dissipate after more than a year, and our customer expressed gratitude for L. A. King’s assistance.



L. A. King’s team demonstrated a commitment to their customers’ success and persevered through challenging times to provide a steady flow of HVAC materials. The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of supply chain resilience, and L. A. King’s efforts serve as an example of how companies can work together to overcome disruptions.


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