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Our History

Lawrence A. King founded his company, L. A. King Company, in 1954 in Oklahoma City. He was an expert in commercial HVAC systems, having spent his career with Honeywell – a global leader in commercial HVAC technologies. 

His goal was to apply his knowledge and experience in the service and support of commercial construction contractors in the city in which he was raised. He was pleased to find many wanted to hear what he had to say about the design and construction of efficient and cost-effective commercial HVAC systems.

After just a few years, L. A. King Co. began supplying insulating and sound deadening materials, and related materials such as expansion joints, to turbine engine power plants being built all over the world. In fact, the first turbine engine power plant had recently been built in Oklahoma City. The application – using jet engines to generate electricity – proved the concept and the industry took off.


In 1971, L. A. King added an office-warehouse in Tulsa and began laminating and supplying rolled insulation for metal buildings. In 1973, Mr. King sold the business to three gentlemen that lived and worked in Tulsa — Hans Norbert (chairman of Tulsa-based Nelson Electric Manufacturing), Dr. Ben Caudle, and Dr. Phil Caudle (brothers). They made Tulsa the “main office” and hired Jack Jacobs, an executive with Nelson Electric, to run it. Around 1990, Mr. Jacobs purchased the business. In 2016, Jack Jacobs … 88 years young  … sold the business to David L. Perkins, Jr. — a native Tulsan with experience in banking, mergers and acquisitions and real estate. Perkins inherited a core group of talented, tenured, knowledgeable, and hard-working employees who continue to lead the business today.

The owner, managers, and employees are committed to building upon the legacy of integrity and service long ago established at L. A. King Company. We work each day to supply our customers with the knowledge, expertise, and quality products they need when they need them.

Brands We Carry

What our customers say...

Always Turn to Them

I have been a loyal L. A. King customer since 1983, and they have always met the needs of my company. I always turn to them, and they always deliver. I happily recommend them to anyone.

Terry, Owner

HVAC Equipment Fabricator/Contractor

Superior Supplier

L. A. King maintains a superior ranking as one of our superior suppliers. Highly dependable and punctual from sales through delivery. They know our industry (refractory), which enhances the value we derive. We know we can count on them to assist us when we are unsure, and to take extra time with us when we need help making accurate procurement decisions. In short, L. A. King is key to our business and we look forward to continuing to work together.

David C.

Diversified Metal Equipment Fabricator

Over 40 Years of Service

L. A. King is great. We’ve used them for something like 40 years. They supply insulating and sound-deadening materials, and fabricate for us fabric expansion joints, belts and gaskets. They are reliable, knowledgeable, dedicated, responsive and always fair.


Manufacturer Auxiliary Gas Turbine Components

Above & Beyond Service

L. A. King has always treated us like we were their #1 customer. The service they give us is without a doubt above and beyond the others. It is always a pleasure to do business with L. A. King.

Kris V.

Heat- & Air-Conditioning Systems Fabricator/Contractor Hinton Refrig

Highly Recommend

For 37 years I’ve worked with L. A. King. Staff is very knowledgeable and have always bent over backwards to serve our needs. I highly recommend them.


HVAC Equipment Fabricator & Contractor

Best Customer Service

L. A. King’s customer service is the best in the industry! NOT ONE TIME has has an order been late or wrong – and we’ve worked with L. A. King for over 10 years!

Chad, Owner

Construction Company

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