Closing a Metal Building Roof with Laminated Insulation

Customer Intro

RBK Enterprises Inc. is a construction company based in Oklahoma that has been purchasing insulation from L. A. King Co. for their metal building construction needs for years.


The Problem

RBK contacted L. A. King as they had a metal building with an open roof that needed to be closed before the forecasted storm arrived the next day. They had the option to cover the roof with temporary material, but preferred to install the required insulation and save money. However, L. A. King was already working at full capacity to fulfill orders from customers who had ordered insulation in advance.


The Solution

Robbie, from the Operations and Inside Sales team at L. A. King’s Tulsa office, requested the building dimensions, desired insulation thickness, facing, tabs, etc. from RBK. Even though RBK had not ordered the insulation in advance, Robbie searched through L. A. King’s “bone pile” of abandoned odd rolls of laminated insulation, which included overruns or rolls that did not match any orders. Robbie was able to find insulation of varying thicknesses and widths that would cover the roof. After informing RBK of the find, they accepted the offer.


The Results

L. A. King Co. provided the insulation, and RBK arrived with their truck at 7 am the next day to collect it. They installed the sheet metal roof and wrapped it with the insulation and beat the rainstorm. RBK was able to save time and money in the process.



L. A. King was able to help RBK despite their last-minute request. RBK was pleased with the result, and it reinforced the fact that L. A. King takes care of its customers, even in situations where they had not ordered in advance. RBK did not provide any feedback on the project, which indicates that it met their expectations.


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