Cost-Effective Design for Diverter Gate Pillows

Customer Intro

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that provides new, upgraded, and replacement equipment and parts for gas-burning power plants worldwide.


The Problem

The OEM customer approached us with drawings for a “diverter gate pillow.” The pillows are used to prevent hot gas leaks in a gas turbine system by providing insulation around the diverter gate. The customer’s design called for a stainless steel frame and non-standard hardware, which would be expensive to fabricate.


The Solution

We reviewed the customer’s drawings and proposed a design that maintained the original form, fit, and function of the pillows. Our design was far less expensive to fabricate and used standard attachment hardware, saving the end-user money.


The Results

Our customer’s customer approved our modifications, and we successfully made the parts they needed. Our cost-effective design not only saved the end-user money but also helped our customers enjoy a little higher profit margin.



Our ability to find a cost-effective solution while maintaining the original design specifications demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality products that meet our customers’ needs while maximizing their ROI.

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