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L. A. King supplies commercial heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) components and material to HVAC contractors and sheet metal “houses.” We supply pipe, fittings, ductwork, duct liner, air diverters, flanges, grills and registers, fasteners, adhesives, tapes, duct board, duct wrap, and insulation. Our core market area is Oklahoma. With facilities (and service counters) in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, we also sell into western Arkansas, southwest Missouri, and southern Kansas.

Sheet Metal Pipe & Fittings

Barrington & M&M Snap-Lock Pipe, Adjustable Elbows, and Fittings

  • Galvanized
  • Standard SMACNA gauges
  • Specialty metals – aluminum and stainless steel
  • Wyes, tee’s, double wye’s, crosses
  • Reducers, end caps, blade dampers w/jiffy bearings and handles
  • Taps-dove tail, spin-in, stick-on taps, conicals, hi-efficiency take-off’s, saddle taps
  • Inline dampers w/2″ stand-off’s, nylon sealed bearings, 3/8″ rods
  • Ceiling boxes/grill boots, insulated & non-insulated
  • Dek-Tite rubber roof flashings
  • Single wall banded rooftops and adj. storm collars
  • Dryer Vent
  • 1″x10′ lengths and 200′ rolls 24ga. hanger strap

Gustafson Spiral Pipe, Elbows & Fittings

  • Single wall, double wall insulated, flat oval, epoxy coated, gasket, rolled ends
  • Spiral registers

Flange Systems – Square and Round Duct Components

Ductmate Flange & Accessories

  • Ductmate flange, corners, cleats, and gaskets
  • TDC/TDF components and accessories
  • Bracing components
  • 2″ and 4″ double vane and rail
  • Flat, standing ‘S’ and drive cleat
  • Acoustical vane
  • Spiral mates and quick sleeves, econo flange and oval mate
  • Access doors, round, and square, grease, view port, fire rated
  • Blue duct film
  • Duct connector
  • Fire Dampers
  • Sealants, adhesive and mastic

Duro Dyne Air Regulation

  • Duro Dyne regulators/quadrants, test ports, u bolts, rap-it sets, jiffy dampers, end bearings, latch and handles and hinges

Duro Dyne machinery, Machinery Parts

  • Pin spotters
  • Spare and replacement parts
  • Insulation tables/cutters
  • Connector dispenser

Duro Dyne Insulation Fasteners

  • Weld type – for 1/2″, 1″, 1-1/2″ & 2″ liner
  • PN spotter pins for PBF pin spotters
  • Mechanical-bangers, FSG-250 Flip Stix, Dyna Stick self-adhesive and applied adhesive insulation hangers
  • Applied adhesive insulation hangers

Duro Dyne Duro Zone Control Systems

  • Multi-blade dampers & round zone dampers
  • Cable operated dampers, gear driven & push/pull, concealed call & ceiling box kits

Duro Dyne Dyna Tite Systems

  • Cable locks, wire rope
  • Brackets, eye bolts & nuts, spiral buckles

Duro Dyne Flexible Duct Connectors & Vane Rail

  • Excelon, neoprene, Durolon for galvanized, aluminum and stainless steel

Duro Dyne Screws, Tools and Spray’s

  • Saber and propoint screws
  • Rivets
  • Edge coat
  • Galvanizing stripper
  • Insulation staples

Sheet Metal Tools: Chucks, snips, hole cutters, dividers, hammers, notchers, crimpers, scibes, cable cutters, awls, hand seamers, duct stretchers, staplers

Duct Insulation

Johns Manville Insulations

  • Linacoustic Rc Duct Liner
  • Mirco Light Eq Duct Wrap
  • Micro Air Duct Board
  • Spiral Acoustic Spiral Duct Liner
  • Condensate Blanket & Spiral Sg Double Wall Insulation

Flexible Ducting

Atco Rubber Products

  • Insulated#30 Series, Premium Insulated, Double Ply, Metalized
  • Polyester Core R-6, R-8
  • Insulated and non-insulated #10 Series, UL Non-combustible, Flexable Aluminum Core
  • Uninsulated #20 Non UL, Non-combustible, Flexible Aluminum Core
  • Uninsulated #50 Series, Triple Ply Air Tite UL Air Connector

Thermaflex Pro Series

  • Insulated M-kc, M-ke, G-km, Phd
  • Unsulated S-tl, S-ld, S-lp10

Thomas & Betts

  • 36” Nylon Zip Ties
  • 3” Flex Webbing/hanger

Ventilation Products

Lloyd Industries & Metal Fab

  • Fire dampers, ceiling radiation & air control dampers and louvers


  • Bath & kitchen ventilation, dryer booster fans, commercial ventilation, fans, dampers, louvers and HEPA filters

Field Controls

  • Barometric dampers, draft controls, power venters, air boosters and UV air purifiers

Reliable Grills & Louvers

  • Architectural louvers and grills

Airmate Grills

  • Commercial and residential grills, registers & diffusers

Cendrex Access Doors

  • Access doors and roof hatches
  • ViewPort, fire Rated, general purpose, recessed, security, special application, drywall, plaster, masonry, tile or other surface types and special dimensions

Tapes & Adhesives

Shurtape Technologies, Venture, 3M

  • Duct tape, printed and unprinted
  • UL film flex tape
  • Foil skrim kraft(FSK), foil UL tape

3M, Duro Dyne, Ductmate, Hardcast

  • Liner adhesives, sealants, tapes, safety products, abrasives

Vent Pipe


  • Chimney & Chimney Liners – Ultra Temp, Galva Temp, flexible aluminum, stainless liners and rigid liners
  • Direct Vent – gas, wood pellet, biofuel
  • Double wall stove pipe & Saf-T Vent
  • Small and large diameter ‘b’ vent


  • Fasnseal AL29-4C stainless single and double wall vent

L. A. King is great. We’ve used them for something like 40 years. They supply insulating and sound-deadening materials and fabricate for us fabric expansion joints, belts, and gaskets. They are reliable, knowledgeable, dedicated, responsive and always fair.

Jeff Manufacturer Auxiliary Gas Turbine Components

Been buying insulation from L. A. King for many years. Always trouble free from estimating to delivery. The insulation is pre-cut to spec and clearly tagged for easy and quick layout. Good company. Good products. Great service.

Wayne Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

For 37 years I’ve worked with L. A. King. Staff is very knowledgeable and have always bent over backwards to serve our needs. I highly recommend them.

Tony HVAC Equipment Fabricator & Contractor

I have been doing business with L. A. King for pushing 40 years. The friendly and helpful staff have always worked hard to provide me with the products I need when I need them. And I say, “Thank you.”

Jim, Owner HVAC Contractor
Jim, Owner

My experience with L. A. King has always been positive. They are kind, helpful, and very quick with their material. I also appreciate their open communication with what they have in stock and how long it will take to get material.

Samantha HVAC  Fabricator/Contractor

L. A. King’s customer service is the best in the industry! NOT ONE TIME has an order been late or wrong – and we’ve worked with L. A. King for over 10 years!

Chad, Owner Construction Company
Chad, Owner

L. A. King maintains a superior ranking as one of our superior suppliers. Highly dependable and punctual from sales through delivery. They know our industry (refractory), which enhances the value we derive. We know we can count on them to assist us when we are unsure, and to take extra time with us when we need help making accurate procurement decisions. In short, L. A. King is key to our business and we look forward to continuing to work together.

David C. Diversified Metal Equipment Fabricator
David C.

We have worked with L. A. King for over 30 years. They have always been easy to work with, take care of business, and deliver on time.

Tommy Metal Building Contractor

Scotty and team at L. A. King work hard to provide us with the best prices and help us research and price specialty materials. They also always deliver to us in a timely manner. You can’t ask for more from a supplier!

Carl HVAC Contractor

I have been doing business with L. A. King for 35 years now. They remain one of our best suppliers. Great prices. Quality materials. Personal service. They’re always willing to hunt for materials with only a quantity and customer specifications. If we give them any reasonable lead time, L. A. King ships on-time 100% of the time (via their own truck).

Tom, Purchasing Manager Manufacturer of Steel Components for Gas Turbine Industry
Tom, Purchasing Manager

L. A. King is a great resource for our company. I’ve dealt with many suppliers over the years – in the office and field – and L. A. King is one of the tops in the industry. They are always going the extra mile to make sure they get the supplies to the job site promptly so we can keep our men productive. They will go out of their way to make sure our orders, large and small, are delivered on time. For special projects, they do a great job researching the products that are available at a reasonable price.

Gary, Sheet Metal Supervisor HVAC Contractor
Gary, Sheet Metal Supervisor

L. A. King is a great supplier to work with. We’ve done business with them for decades. They consistently provide quality products fabricated and delivered on time. Their customer service, attention to detail and timely correspondence are great assets as well. L. A. King is a preferred supplier and we look forward to many more years together.

Heidi, Senior Buyer Global Supplier of Auxiliary Systems for Gas Turbine OEMs
Heidi, Senior Buyer

L. A. King has always treated us like we were their #1 customer. The service they give us is without a doubt above and beyond the others. It is always a pleasure to do business with L. A. King.

Kris V.  Heat- & Air-Conditioning Systems Fabricator/Contractor
Kris V.

We have been customers of L. A. King for over 20 years. They have consistently met our expectations for competitive price and prompt, accurate service/delivery. On multiple occasions, they’ve gone above and beyond to help us through a jam. In particular, working with Jacci has been a treat. She does an excellent job.

Hal, President Manufacturer of HVAC Systems
Hal, President

I have been using L. A. King for many years now. Jacci, Bill and Jaime have always been friendly and strive to make a personal.

James, Shop Forman HVAC Fabricator/Contractor
James, Shop Forman

I have been a loyal L. A. King customer since 1983, and they have always met the needs of my company. I always turn to them, and they always deliver. I happily recommend them to anyone.

Terry HVAC Equipment Fabricator/Contractor


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