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Expansion Joints

Gaskets, Belts and Expansion Joints for Gas Turbine Electric Power Plants

The first gas turbine electric power generation plant was built in Oklahoma City in 1949. It was the Belle Isle plant, which was owned and operated by Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and utilized a 3.5MW GE turbine. At the time, gas turbines were being reliably used to propel airplanes but the longer, “continuous operating loads” required for electricity generation had not been tested. Belle Isle proved the concept, and hundreds of gas turbine power plants were built in the U.S. in the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s.

L. A. King Company, founded in 1956 in Oklahoma City, made gaskets, belts, and fabric expansion joints for Belle Isle, and for most of the GE turbine plants built in North America. In fact, L. A. King consulted on design specifications and many GE drawings specify L. A. King as the preferred supplier.

L. A. King never sold directly to GE, rather to manufacturers of auxiliary systems for gas turbine OEMs and power producers. Our customers were, and remain, some of the largest and most respected fabricators in the industry. Today, we continue to supply insulating and sound-deadening materials, gaskets, belts and expansion joints to OEMs building auxiliary equipment for power plants. We’ve earned our reputation for quality, on-time delivery, and fair prices. We work each day to live up to it.

Metallic Bellows Expansion Joints

Our designs accommodate a wide range of movements and service conditions. We offer round, rectangular, radius, single and double metered, single- and multi-ply, and camera corners. Corrosion resistant stainless steel, or any other alloy required. Need help with a design? Our engineers are here to help. Design and installation of internal flow liners, external covers, and operating hardware such as control and limit rods, hinges and gimbals are all available.

Primary Air FD Fan Duct Expansion Joints

Radius Corner Rectangular (BEP Crossover EJ)

Boiler Feed Pump Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joint

Universal Expansion Joint for Process

120” Steam Condenser Neck Expansion Joint

In-Line Pressure Balanced Expansion Joint

24” Refractory Lined Tied Universal for Wood Chip Gasifier

Steam Turbine Extraction Line Expansion Joints

Steam Turbine Condenser Neck Expansion Joints

Fabric Expansion Joints 

L. A. King manufactures fabric expansion joints used in an array of industries such as power generation, refining, petrochemical, steel, pulp and paper, and cement. Expansion joints are utilized to connect systems/equipment such as an inlet plenum, exhaust plenum, stacks, silencers, diffusers, filter houses, diverters, dampers, evaporators, and coolers.

We have extensive experience with belts used in GE gas turbine power plants (Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, Frame 9, and E-, F-, H- and J- class), both Inlet (cold side) and exhaust (hot side). We’ve been making B1100s and B1300s for decades.

Custom Gaskets

  • Filter House
  • Matrix
  • Silencer Inlet
  • Load Compartment Seal
  • Inlet Plenum
  • Seal Ring
  • Cone
  • Extension
  • Crossflow
  • Transition
  • Access Hatch
  • Manhole
  • Evaporator Cooler
  • Pulse Inlet
  • Crossflow
  • For GE turbines (7FA, 7FEA, 7HA, 9FA)

Insulating and Sealing Materials

  • Mineral wool
  • Rock wool
  • Ceramic fiber
  • Insulfrax
  • Superwool
  • Temp mat/Glass Mat

High Temp Fabrics

  • Woven fiberglass
  • Alpha-Sil
  • Ami-Glas
  • Ami-Tuf
  • Vextra
  • Stainless steel wire

Gasket Materials

  • ECH
  • Neoprene
  • EPDM
  • Natural/SBR Rubber
  • Silicone
  • Garlock
  • FKM
  • Drop Warp Tape
  • Aramid Fiber

Hump belts

  • Inlet belts
  • Turbine Enclosure belts
  • Flex Seal Pillows
  • Dome Seal Pillows
  • Acoustic Seals
  • Acoustic Cushions
  • Mist Eliminator Pads


Send us your drawings with specifications, or let us consult with you on your particular need. We’ll get you what you need when you need it.

I have been doing business with L. A. King for 35 years now. They remain one of our best suppliers. Great prices. Quality materials. Personal service. They’re always willing to hunt for materials with only a quantity and customer specifications. If we give them any reasonable lead time, L. A. King ships on-time 100% of the time (via their own truck).

Tom, Purchasing Manager Manufacturer of Steel Components for Gas Turbine Industry
Tom, Purchasing Manager

L. A. King’s customer service is the best in the industry! NOT ONE TIME has an order been late or wrong – and we’ve worked with L. A. King for over 10 years!

Chad, Owner Construction Company
Chad, Owner

We have been customers of L. A. King for over 20 years. They have consistently met our expectations for competitive price and prompt, accurate service/delivery. On multiple occasions, they’ve gone above and beyond to help us through a jam. In particular, working with Jacci has been a treat. She does an excellent job.

Hal, President Manufacturer of HVAC Systems
Hal, President

L. A. King is great. We’ve used them for something like 40 years. They supply insulating and sound-deadening materials and fabricate for us fabric expansion joints, belts, and gaskets. They are reliable, knowledgeable, dedicated, responsive and always fair.

Jeff Manufacturer Auxiliary Gas Turbine Components

I have been using L. A. King for many years now. Jacci, Bill and Jaime have always been friendly and strive to make a personal.

James, Shop Forman HVAC Fabricator/Contractor
James, Shop Forman

I have been a loyal L. A. King customer since 1983, and they have always met the needs of my company. I always turn to them, and they always deliver. I happily recommend them to anyone.

Terry HVAC Equipment Fabricator/Contractor

My experience with L. A. King has always been positive. They are kind, helpful, and very quick with their material. I also appreciate their open communication with what they have in stock and how long it will take to get material.

Samantha HVAC  Fabricator/Contractor

I have been doing business with L. A. King for pushing 40 years. The friendly and helpful staff have always worked hard to provide me with the products I need when I need them. And I say, “Thank you.”

Jim, Owner HVAC Contractor
Jim, Owner

L. A. King is a great supplier to work with. We’ve done business with them for decades. They consistently provide quality products fabricated and delivered on time. Their customer service, attention to detail and timely correspondence are great assets as well. L. A. King is a preferred supplier and we look forward to many more years together.

Heidi, Senior Buyer Global Supplier of Auxiliary Systems for Gas Turbine OEMs
Heidi, Senior Buyer

L. A. King maintains a superior ranking as one of our superior suppliers. Highly dependable and punctual from sales through delivery. They know our industry (refractory), which enhances the value we derive. We know we can count on them to assist us when we are unsure, and to take extra time with us when we need help making accurate procurement decisions. In short, L. A. King is key to our business and we look forward to continuing to work together.

David C. Diversified Metal Equipment Fabricator
David C.

Scotty and team at L. A. King work hard to provide us with the best prices and help us research and price specialty materials. They also always deliver to us in a timely manner. You can’t ask for more from a supplier!

Carl HVAC Contractor

For 37 years I’ve worked with L. A. King. Staff is very knowledgeable and have always bent over backwards to serve our needs. I highly recommend them.

Tony HVAC Equipment Fabricator & Contractor

Been buying insulation from L. A. King for many years. Always trouble free from estimating to delivery. The insulation is pre-cut to spec and clearly tagged for easy and quick layout. Good company. Good products. Great service.

Wayne Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings

L. A. King has always treated us like we were their #1 customer. The service they give us is without a doubt above and beyond the others. It is always a pleasure to do business with L. A. King.

Kris V.  Heat- & Air-Conditioning Systems Fabricator/Contractor
Kris V.

L. A. King is a great resource for our company. I’ve dealt with many suppliers over the years – in the office and field – and L. A. King is one of the tops in the industry. They are always going the extra mile to make sure they get the supplies to the job site promptly so we can keep our men productive. They will go out of their way to make sure our orders, large and small, are delivered on time. For special projects, they do a great job researching the products that are available at a reasonable price.

Gary, Sheet Metal Supervisor HVAC Contractor
Gary, Sheet Metal Supervisor

We have worked with L. A. King for over 30 years. They have always been easy to work with, take care of business, and deliver on time.

Tommy Metal Building Contractor


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